• i'm an artist on the spectrum, i'm from the monterey bay area of california (mainly grew up in santa cruz),

  • i mostly do experimental art and anthro / furry character designer and have been drawing for many years.

  • i like making nostalgic art and using textures / interesting colors, and i work with an ipad + procreate.

  • i’m working on a story / headworld called dog of paradise.

  • i like math rock, rainbows and clouds, architecture and interior design, surf and skate culture, reptiles, bugs, and sea animals, black cold brew, and pokemon

  • you can see my fursonas / mascots here.

please note that i am closed for commissions and taking a break from most art + projects as i finish classes for the semester. i have been very busy and unable to answer inquiries about commissions - i apologize.

˗ˏˋ [email protected] ˊˎ˗

or use the form below...

I usually open commissions at least once a month but this is not guaranteed. The amount of slots, type of commission, and if it is either a first come first served or not changes, and I usually only open for one type at a time. I work Mon-Fri, occasionally on the weekends. I work a bit out of order depending on my inspiration at the time. (This mostly applies to Character Design commissions.) I keep a general opening date on my Trello and announce openings through twitter. Please note that the forms may be closed. Follow my twitter for the latest openings.

I may be available for work outside of commission openings. I am more likely to work on larger projects. If you are interested in hiring me, feel free to contact me to see availability.

Please note that the links below go to pages that have rates for specific types of commissions and styles. I can work outside of these, but the price will vary.

waitlist for 2021

Starting spring 2021, I will have to implement a waitlist system for commissions. I will be starting college almost full time, and will not be able to do commissions in larger queues. HOWEVER, I will be doing a waitlist system to work around it.

Normally when I accept commissions, I accept a batch of 20-30, and take payment upfront for all of them. With the waitlist, I will be accepting larger batches (50-100), HOWEVER, I will only take payment in batches of 10 at a time. Once the 10 are completed, I will accept another 10 on the wailist and take payment upfront. My biggest worry with commissions during college is not being able to complete them in a good amount of time once payment is received. By limiting the commissions that are paid for by smaller amounts, I can complete those in a shorter time frame. I am hoping to complete a batch of 10 in about 2 weekends (since I will keep commission work to weekends, as college work will be weekdays.) You can drop out of the waitlist at any time (absolutely no penalties or worries about it) and you do not have to pay until it is your turn. The waitlist will be on a public trello page.

I will update this page with more information on the waitlist as I begin college and get used to my schedule.

pwyw illustrations

PWYW (pay what you want) commissions are chosen by you and your budget, or offer. You can request a certain type of commission - a full scenery painting, full body colored art (of single or multiple characters), headshots, busts, reference sheets, or character designs, basically ANY commission type I have already offered you can offer for it this time, or for commission types I might not have done before! Just give me an idea of what you want and an offer you feel is fair. You can also request multiple commissions under a single offer - for example, several headshots for an offer you feel is fair. A minimum offer I will accept is 30 usd, a price for a full body sketch or a colored headshot.
Please note my PWYW may be a bit experimental, as I like to experiment when I do Illustration work. I like working with different kinds of fun lighting and atmospheres, the colors and shapes of your character, and even play with my style. Please keep this in mind when commissioning me.

Pricing is open based on your offer or your budget. I work based on the amount provided. A minimum of 30 usd may be accepted. (would be the price of a single sketch colored headshot). You can see the examples & types below for more price ideas. I generally try to make a certain amount of money during an opening, so I do learn towards larger offers/commission requests, but try my best to take on some smaller ones as well.

Some types of commissions I can do:

  • I can do character designs as part of my PWYW commissions.

  • Reference sheets (one of my most recent examples here) with your choice of style & details. I can drawn them front facing with a symmetry tool, or at a 3/4s view. I can do outfit chibis, extra headshots for details like mouth view/different hair style/jewelry, as well as items/"inventory". I like using unsplash.com images for the backgrounds and dafont.com fonts for the name, or I can do just a plain color - just let me know, and any details you want on the reference sheet. I can also do fursuit styled reference sheets.

  • Outfit charts, which includes a simple drawn base of your character with up to 8 outfits. I can draw them in a more "chibi" style or anthro style. (Examples here, here, and here.) This would be base price of a fullbody art + 10-15 per outfit depending on detail.

  • Digital badges, but I can offer styles outside of my usual style.

  • Icons/Avatars, could come with a plain background, or something simple or complex with fun lighting.

  • Tattoo designs, although I have little experience with tattoo art.

  • I can even do album art!

  • Anything else you had in mind, just ask!

general character designs

Base Character Design Customs - 120 USD

These are fullbody, sketchy/rough (as is my style) custom character designs. I can work with any species or prompt, I work really well with moodboard / image collages as inspiration. plushie material characters may be drawn in a different style.
you will receive a rough concept for you to approve, at that point i can make any changes you want. once the concept is approved, i will finish the art.

above are examples of concept to finished art

above are general examples of my final art & style. my choice of brush may vary with the type of character.
for a full list of examples of my designs see here!!

Base Character Design Customs - 55 USD

These are design commissions made on a pre drawn base - the one you see me sell adopts with.

I work with short prompts or links to moodboards/image collages for inspiration.

You can give me multiple species to work from, or a single specific species.

examples of prompts:
» honey/bee themed bear, deer, or raccoon
» banded linsang, warm colors, dark stripes, blue eyes, top surgery scars
» big cat, neon leopard print, gold septum ring, wearing a tropical leaf printed collar
» american akita with pinto pattern, cool natural colors, white face mask marking, missing an ear, red bandanna
» any mustelidae with unnatural coloring/markings based on moodboard *link to image/board*

I can work with ANY animal species, as well as including aliens, monsters, inanimate objects, and so on.

I can include small accessories such as collars, bandannas, jewerly/piercings, etc, for free.

experimental busts

Experimental busts are one of my favorite types of commissions to offer. It features your oc as a bust (this could be shoulders up, waist up, etc, its experimental after all) with some scenery, sometimes some unique lighting affects.

I offer two types:

100 USD - this is for more simple scenery such as clouds + ocean, clouds + simple mountains, or more stylized/abstract/expressionist backgrounds and scenery, and/or the use of thick lines for a less detailed style.

120+ USD - this is sort of an offer on top of my base price. This is for more detailed or complex scenery, such as fields, trees/plants, forests, desert scenery, etc, as well as more detailed lines and shading in the art iself, and also inclusion of props (drinks/food, flowers, electronics like a camera or video game system, etc)

It's important that you tell me a lot about your character - such as their aesthetics, to help me make a piece that fits them, unless you are okay with me experimenting and coming up with something myself. If you have a moodboard (like a Pinterest moodboard) and are cool with me taking inspiration from the photos in the board, this helps me a lot, especially if you have a more specific scene or style in mind. Without provided information, i'll just experiment and come up with something myself.

And please remember: my style is experimental. I love using new brushes, new techinques, etc. I may offer multiple versions of a commission, such as versions with a fake "film" effect, a border, etc for free.

outfit charts

What is an outfit chart?

it's a base of your character, with different outfits showcased on it! think of it like a dressup doll. its great to use to show off your characters's personality + style, and a tool for commissioning others to show what outfit you want your character in.

I do either 4 outfits for 120 usd, 6 outfits for 160 usd (styled as, 3 in each row), or 8 (4 in each row.) for 200 usd.

You can provide as many references as you want. I can make every outfit based on references you provide. I am also happy to design outfits at no extra cost. You can mix and match this. You can also give me, say a t-shirt, and ask me to design the rest of the outfit. It helps to provide details about your character like colors and styles they typically would wear.

If you don't have any image examples at all and would like me to design all the outfits, I need a description of your character's style to work from. Good examples would be:

> "My character is sort of a woodsy, outdoorsy type of person. They mostly wear earthy, warm colors. Their favorites are forest green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, dark reds. They typically would wear flannel shirts, heavy jackets, chino pants, jeans, and hiking boots. They would never wear purple or pink, or short sleeve buttoned shirts, or cargo shorts."

> "My character is very cottagecore based. Lots of handknitted sweaters, airy dresses, linens, high waisted shirts, blouses. Leather accents/accessories are great, as well as sun hats, light jewerly, and maybe a flower crown or two. Maybe half the outfits could have some light floral prints. And one outfit with a pair of green overalls. Please no dark colors (aside from dark brown.) or anything neon."

> "My character LOVES bright, primary colors, with some black mixed in. I'm cool with almost all styles of outfits. I'd like at least one outfit to be a buttoned up short sleeve shirts with a bright pattern, any kind of pants or shorts with them, and an outfit with a black hoodie with primary color Vans shoes as well. No crop tops though."

> "I have image references for 4 of the outfits, but I need the other 4 outfits to be designed by you based on the styles already provided. I'd like one to be a hoodie, one to be a formal outfit (like a dress shirt, no tie), one to be a summery outfit (like a tank and shorts), and one to be a winter outfit, with a heavy jacket."

If i'm designing outfits for you, you will see rough ideas of the outfits before I finalize the art, so we can make any changes you need to outfits.

I can also make minor edits to the base, like change hair style/color, add makeup, etc.

I can add text to the chart, to explain details about the outfit.

I am okay with "suggestive" outfits - collars, harnesses, lingerie, pup masks, for example.

terms of service

This applies to all general commissions. For my t.o.s on character ownership, see here.


  • By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms. Terms are subject to change.

  • You must be 18 years or older to commission me. Even if the commission work is SFW, this is for my protection against potential scammers, please be understanding of this.

  • I can communicate through Twitter (@scpkidd), Telegram, and Email, whichever you prefer. Please do NOT contact my telegram for casual conversation, I will ignore or possibly block.

  • I work on a slot / queue system that is expected to take anywhere from a week to a month. You may contact me at any time on status of your commission or place in queue, or you may visit my Trello.

  • If your commission has a deadline, simply ask in the commission form somewhere or contact me at anytime to discuss.

  • I have the right to refuse or cancel a commission at any time. (See Payments & Refund on cancellation)

  • I am okay with NSFW character references.

Payments & Refunds

  • Paypal & USD only

  • I take payment upfront, after accepting your commission request. You will receive an invoice through your provided Paypal address. You are expected to pay within 24 hours, or your slot will not be secured and will be given to someone else. * Please note that for smaller commissions, like my base design commissions, I don't do invoices and just do paypal.me links.

  • I accept full refunds on Character Design commissions at any time, however I gain all rights to the design, and have the right to sell or auction the design.

  • I do not accept full refunds on other types of commissions if they are at least 50% completed - by this I mean I have reached the stage of coloring after linework is done. You will receive a 50% refund. As long as the art is in lining or earlier, you can request a full refund. On rare occasions the unfinished sketch may be reused for personal or commercial use (redrawn into a new character). If the artwork is completed and sent to you, I will not give out ANY refunds.

  • If I feel like I cannot comfortably complete your commission, for whatever reason, such as I struggle with the prompt, you will receive a full refund, no matter the stage the commission is in.

  • I am open to a payment plan if the price of the commission is 200 usd or more. An acceptable payment plan would be half upfront to secure your slot, and another half within a discussed time frame. Commissions under 200 usd must be paid upfront.

Permissions & Usage

  • You may reupload your commission anywhere you would like, but please credit me where you can. You may reupload to sites such as Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/etc, as well as gallery websites like Fuaffinity and Weasyl, please credit me in the description and/or title. If you are NOT the owner of the commission, you may NOT reupload it.

  • I have the right to post commissions wherever I wish to and use them as examples for future commissions.

  • You may not claim the artwork as your own.

I can draw:

  • All animals of all kinds, including rare, bizarre, and uncommon animals. (even plants, viruses, etc)

  • All colors of all kinds, as well as markings

  • All genders, body types, styles, etc (such as trans characters)

  • SFW nudity - no genitalia visible

  • Design commissions of Closed Species, only if you have permission or a make your own slot

I might draw:

  • Complex designs (a fee may be added)

  • Blood / Gore / Body horror themes (realistic, candy gore, etc)

  • Weapons such as firearms, knives, nail bats, brass knuckles, swords, etc

  • Most drug use (tobacco, weed, alcohol, hallucinogens, cocaine, generic pills)

  • Robots / Mechas, although I am inexperienced

  • Nudity (genitalia visible) for reference sheets and similar types of art

I will NOT draw:

  • Humans / Humanoids

  • Feral / Quad

  • NSFW / Suggestive / Sexual art

  • SFW Kink Art

  • Underage / Cub / Babyfur

  • Characters labeled with slurs (herm, cboy, dgirl, etc)

  • Drugs not labeled in the okay drug use section such as meth, heroin, fentanyl, etc

  • Offensive Art / Hateful Themes / Cultural Appropriation

✹ design ownership ✹

This applies to all my character designs - received from commissions, adoptable sales, auctions, trades, from other people reselling designs.
However, Patreon adopts/requested designs have some special rules, and can be resold for any value after being received directly from me.
If I find you breaking my rules, you'll receive friendly warnings/reminders! If it is a repeat offense, I may have to privately blacklist. I only try to publicly blacklist for severe cases, like chargebacks or scams.
I take payment through Paypal. I may use Paypal.me links or invoice. I may also take payment in alternative ways, but I primarily use Paypal.

General Rules

  • You can change species, gender, colors, markings however you want

  • You are free to edit the actual art of the character design that I made - such as shift hue, saturation, or even draw over my original art

  • If the character for sale has their profile still intact, you are free to keep it. This also counts for characters in my headworld - you can keep them a part of my headworld if you want. Or, include them if they aren't!

  • You may not claim the original design as your own work. You may point out and take credit for edits you have made (example credit: design by scpkid, edits by me), or crediting us as both as equal designers if enough change have been made (example credit: design by me and scpkid)

  • All sales are final, I do not do refunds - if you no longer want a design, resell it or trade it!

  • Payment plans/holds? I am okay with downpayment/hold if the offer is over 300 and downpayment is at least 30%. I strongly prefer payments done in two parts, up to 4 if the offer is high enough (over 1000.)

  • You can make merchandise of the design (pins, stickers, and charms for example) or make a fursuit to sell or auction, I still ask that you credit me WHEREEVER you can. Crediting me and linking back one of my accounts in the items description is best. If you have any questions about this or feel unsure, feel free to ask.

Ownership Transfer

  • I do not settle any future ownership disputes once I have sold the design and it is no longer in my own ownership, I apologize in advance.

  • Traded designs may only be traded.

  • Selling it for a price higher than you bought from me is a grey area even I can't settle on. This is not against my rules or blacklist worthy, but I still strongly prefer to see my designs resold for the original value. If you want to resell for the cost of art you accumulated, that is understandable. I kindly ask that you do not police others for how they resell, as it's not something I intend to enforce/control.

  • Do not buy or sell adopts through Amino. I recommend only buying or selling them through Twitter, Toyhouse, or Furaffinity. Toyhouse is your best bet since characters have transfer history and are approved by me when they are first uploaded. Buying or selling from Amino won't get you blacklisted, however I STRONGLY discourage it, since many characters for sale on there are stolen.


Can I use your art?
Depends what you mean by this! I'm fine with people using my personal art for icons/avatars, backgrounds, headers, profiles, and so on - basically just for visual things! I appreciate a form of credit (like on twitter, you can @scpkidd in your bio.)

However, please do not use commissioned art as this does not belong to me or you!

also Please do not also use my characters or characters I sold (unless you purchased them directly from me or from someone else) for any reason (like roleplay or claiming as your own)

What do you use to draw?
2018 and earlier, I drew with Paint Tool Sai and a mouse. Now, I use Procreate, iPad, and Apple Pencil. (I probably couldn't go back to drawing with a mouse if I could.) I also use True Grit Supply textures a lot (sometimes in subtle ways.) Other than that I use default Procreate brushes, mainly the pencil ones. I also love using Nikko Roll brush! I also will use Procreate tools like "Sharpen", "Add" layers, and so on.

Do you do requests or trades?
I do not do requests or free designs, sorry! I may do trades with mutuals (mutuals as in, we follow each other, on any of my accounts or websites) just ask! I may not always be available though!

When do you open for commissions?
I don't have typical commission openings. It changes a lot due to life circumstances. I tried to open every month, but so far I haven't been able to. You can see my trello for a general opening idea but that is always subject to change. I will always announce on my twitter before I open to give people a heads up.

Design F.A.Q

Can you do redesigns of current designs?
Yes, just include images of the design in the form when you submit it. However, I may be uncomfortable to redesign a character made by someone else. I would strongly prefer to redesign something you made - assuming you're also okay with that!

Can you design _____?
Anything! I've designed things such as fantasy hybrids, rare and uncommon animals, prehistoric animals, even things like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and so on, as anthro before. I am prepared to tackle any prompt. A weirder prompt isn't any less likely to be picked! I enjoy a challenge.

What about something like a robot or something mechanical, or even a plant?
Sure, I'll try my best! Doesn't have to be an /animal/! (Just no humans!)

Can I send in multiple commission requests?
Yes, however I will pick one per person due to high interest. Submit a few if you want for me to pick from!

If my prompt isn't picked for a round, can I resubmit?
Absolutely, I normally get 5x the amount of responses of what I can take on (I try to limit myself anywhere between 10-30 slots, any more than that can be overwhelming). It is unlikely I didn't pick yours because I didn't like the prompt.

Can you design something inspired by a culture?
If you are interested in a design based on / inspired by your culture and you can provide me with information so that I can create something that is respectful, yes! But I will not design culture based designs if it is not part of your culture. For example, if you are not Native/Indigenous I will not make you designs with markings / motifs based on Indigenous art, if you are not Japanese I will not make you a yokai inspired design, and so on. This also includes everything from cultural design to spiritual beings from other cultures. (Please note this does not count European folklore/mythical creatures. I can make designs based on European culture, mythology, and design.) If you want something based on your culture, simply let me know in your commission request.

Can you design this based on (other artist's work or design)?
No, I WILL NOT base any design off another artist's style, existing work, etc. Basing it off modern or classical art is fine. Such as making a design inspired by Keith Haring or Claude Monet's art and style or anything like that, but not a fellow artist or character design without their permission.

Can you give me two versions of a design? (for example, one without an accessory, or with an added hairstyle, etc?)
Sure, at no extra cost. Just ask!

Can you add breasts/make it more chubby/etc to the base?
I can make pretty much any (reasonable) edits to the base, even if it means completely redoing the lines, as long as it follows the pose and general idea of the base. I can add breasts, change the body type slightly, etc.

Now that I own the design, what can I change about it?
You can change the design AS MUCH as you'd like. Species, markings, colors, gender, doesn't matter, I'm happy with whatever you decide to do with them! Have fun!!

character design

designs range from 2018-to present time, and are not in chronological order

fakemon designs

these are designs for a "fan made" pokemon game (that does not exist, its just a concept) based on californian , pacific northwestern and southwestern animals and various mythological animals as well

check out my designs page on toyhouse for even more designs i've done.

base character designs

base style 1 (new)

this was a new base i was testing that uses thicker lines

base style 2 (old)

this was my old base i used for both adoptable and design commissions

check out my designs page on toyhouse for even more designs i've done.


*(not in any particular order)

older art (2019-2014)